Discover Talland Bay

Cornish Dew on the Rocks

Bittersweet and totally refreshing. Nothing beats a G&T on warm, golden evenings. Particularly if you can sip it whilst gazing out to sea.

Traditional gin with a Cornish heart 

We’re so enamoured with gin we’ve created our own, in partnership with the Colwith Farm Distillery. The first ‘plough to bottle’ distillery in Cornwall. Our idea was to distil a pure spirit, true to its roots, yet firmly of the Cornish farmlands and coast. 

Gin & tonic

18th Century inspiration 

What inspired our gin was its historic origins as a wellness tonic. By combining a Cornish potato wine base with juniper berries, rose petals, pine wood, and mint from our tropic gardens, we’ve created a superior quality gin infused with the poetry and existential freedom of our coastal setting. Its bottle is reminiscent of old medicinal glassware. Doctor’s orders.  

Tasting notes to discover

Our gin is fragrant with a warm finish. Think coriander, cinnamon, and angelica. In the soft hue of a gently approaching twilight, with the salt breeze in your hair and the open coast, it is a fitting accompaniment.