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Authentic Cornish Food—delight with Every Forkful

At Talland Bay it’s the meeting of exceptional culinary talent and the highest quality produce our country has to offer. Cornwall is an abundant land of sumptuous ingredients. You’re going to be spoilt. 

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From the Cornish valleys & sea to your plate

The best food is an emotional experience. It excites our senses and fills us with delight. One of life’s true pleasures. At Talland Bay we’re committed to a dining experience that moves you. That’s why we only use local Cornish produce. 

Our team, led by Glen Meriott, selects seasonal fare—freshly caught, picked, churned, and plucked. Then, with a flourish of imagination, they create inspirational dishes.

Residents & all are welcome to two menus served Monday to Saturday, on Sundays, we slow down the pace a little & serve our Sunday Roast menu at lunch time & dinner time, so, you are welcome to two roast dinners but we recommend taking advantage of our beautiful grounds or the local area at lunch time.


On a sunday, we are creatures of tradition, therefore, Glen & the team love to offer a Sunday Roast offering for both Lunch & Dinner. Don't feel like your missing out either, if you are staying on a Dinner, Bed & Breakfast rate, your room rate will be slightly lower to accommodate your dinner allowance.

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Award-winning restaurant

Our kitchen team’s dedication to real wholesome dining hasn’t gone unnoticed. We're proud to have a couple of prestigious foodie accolades. We’ve won best restaurant at both the Taste of West and Cornish Tourism Awards. 

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The crucial tasting is yours

Food is a connection with the rural heartlands and coasts of our pretty island. It’s visceral and meant to be savoured. We hope our food unites you with Cornwall and makes you smile. Your happiness means everything to us. 

Talland Bay Gin

Talland Bay No.1 GinĀ 

Why not try our very own gin? Born of Dutch traditions, Cornish farmlands, and our tropical grove overlooking the ocean blue.