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Environmental Policy

At Talland Bay Hotel, we strive to be as eco friendly as possible at all times, particularly as our hotel is situated in an area of such outstanding beauty. 

We have made many efforts to reduce our levels of waste as much as possible. We have installed showers in every bedroom which are more water efficient than the traditional bathtub. We also collect rainwater which is then used for watering the plants and gardens. We have also had a water treatment plant installed in the hotel that converts all sewerage that the hotel produces into clear, eco safe water which can then be safely deposited into a local stream. This is in stark contrast to the awful water pollution that can take place in other areas of the South West due to poor water treatment facilities. 

We also use low energy light bulbs wherever possible which helps to improve our energy efficiency. We also endeavour to switch appliances off rather than leaving them on standby, particularly overnight. 

We aim to reuse in all departments of the hotel. We use paper as many times as we can, rather than just throwing it away. If we receive produce in carrier bags, we keep them and reuse them. We also utilise packaging such as cardboard boxes and plastic delivery trays and use them for storage. Furthermore, rather than disposing of linen when it is no longer suitable for use in the bedrooms or restaurant, we transfer it into the housekeeping department to be used for cleaning. This again prolongs the life of each linen item, saving both expenditure for the business as well as the environmental impact that disposing of waste can have.

We are a Country House Hotel situated in the beautiful county of Cornwall, we are therefore extremely proud to state that we use Cornish and South West produce wherever we can. We feel that by sourcing our ingredients from local producers, we can be assured of the quality of the product that we then pass onto our customers. This also helps to reduce the food miles that the ingredients travel, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint of the hotel. 

Although traditionally speaking, hotels are not the most eco-friendly of establishments, here at Talland Bay Hotel we actively encourage our guests to make the most of their surroundings and respect the natural environment. We are always too happy to give recommendations for public transport, and local walking routes, to eliminate the use for road travel altogether.