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Meet our Head Chef Nick Hawke

Our head chef Nick Hawke’s lineage is that of culinary royalty. His passion and determination lead to his success under some of Britain’s finest Michelin starred chefs. Now he’s turned his finesse to Talland Bay, helping make it one of Cornwall’s top foodie destinations. 

Meet the Chef
Supporting our local economy 

Underpinning Nick’s culinary prowess is his dedication to food provenance. Locally sourced produce is everything to him, and us. It’s about caring for our planet, acquiring the best quality ingredients, forging strong communal relationships, and boosting our local economy. Our team are regularly out and about hand picking fresh Cornish fish, meat, veg, and dairy—you name it. 

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Cornish seafood is the finest 

Nick's favourite food to cook is seafood and Cornwall has perhaps the most fertile and teeming seas in the British Isles—a county ruled by the coast. Some of Nick’s specialities include, roasted scallops with smoked roe taramasalata and crab and mussel cannelloni. Every bit of seafood Nick and his team uses is caught off the Cornish coast. From sea to plate with minimal fuss. 

Pork Dishes
Unsung heroes of the land

Cornwall is famous for seafood, but it is also known for superior dairy, and free-range meat and game. It is a bounteous land, and a playground for chefs like Nick. After all, great food comes from great ingredients. Nick’s Cornish pork plate is exquisite, with confit pork belly, cider glazed cheek and jowl, hog and black pudding terrine, and pork tenderloin—with a side of salt baked heritage carrots.