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Dear Guests



Since the announcement of the new tier system on Thursday morning there has been much soul-searching and scenario-building to try to understand the consequences of every course of action we might take and make a sensible decision in the light of the likely outcomes we can imagine.


It is with a heavy heart that we to announce that we have decided that Talland Bay Hotel will remain closed until the situation becomes clearer AND safer.


There are many reasons for this decision and we would like give you a flavour of some of them to aid your understanding.


Such are the current times that we would not be able to offer you the standards that both we and you, our guests, have come to know and expect, or are coming for the first time to seek out. Whether you’ve come simply to experience our renowned restaurant, or are visiting Talland as a regular getaway, we value each and every individual that steps through the door. We do not feel that we can offer the level of service that we want to provide or that you deserve and have a right to expect.


Entertainment and delicacies are normally prevalent here throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Yet with all the current restrictions in place, we would not be able to operate in a manner that you have all become so accustomed to. Here at Talland if we are going to do it, we do it right, by offering you only the most joyous of times.


An 11pm curfew and the inability to mix with different households does not reflect a festive stay here at Talland. We wish to offer the best & knowing that we cannot offer entertainment such as our luxury Cornish buffet, festive fun & of course the renowned pea-shooters for our New Year just does not sit well with us. Without these, it just would not be the same & we know, our guests feel that same way.


Somehow, “last orders” at 10:00pm (Happy New Year in Helsinki), curfew at 11:00pm (Happy New Year in Berlin) just doesn’t do it...does it?



The uncertainty and unpredictability that has been cast upon this trying year has certainly also contributed to our decision. Dr Kevin O’Sullivan, a retired doctor and former medical director of a Pharmaceutical company, which also manufactured vaccines is at our helm; he forewarns that we are not yet “out of the woods” based on the current data


With the news, yesterday, that Wales, where their lock-down ended only 17 days ago, is seeing a renewed spike and is now to re-enter lock-down we do not feel it right to open our doors at this time. 




The future, however, is far from bleak, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel and with the promise of vaccinations by Easter, our doors are planned to be re-opening on 1st March 2021. 


We cannot wait to welcome you back to a rejuvenated Restaurant, cosy residents lounge along with new and improved garden lighting. We have the new addition of the garden “dining pavilions” and garden bar which will be fully functional. There is also the prospect of some more room make-overs.


We are staying positive about remaining closed until the New Year; however, we realise that this closure will affect guests who have chosen to stay with us during this period.


We appreciate the way in which you are being informed, by this letter, is not our usual manner, but unfortunately time is against us and we feel the need to inform you quickly. Please be assured all guests affected by our closure will be contacted individually by the Management Team.


Thank you for your understanding.

Dr Kevin M O'Sullivan


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Luxury hotel on a secluded stretch of Cornish coast

The true spirit of Cornwall lies to the South East. Undiscovered and unspoilt. Away from the crowds, in a quiet nook. 

At Talland Bay it’s the sky above and waves below. It’s fine tipple and burning ocean sunsets. It’s you and yours. 

Be free on an elemental coast, hidden from the world.  

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Real food is made with heart, from seasonal local ingredients. Provenance is paramount to us. Our head chef Nick Hawke, and his team, source proper Cornish produce. Fresh seafood off the boat, quality meats, and the richest dairy produce in the country. 

Nick learnt the ropes from top Michelin Starred chefs and brings dishes to your plate with mouth-watering finesse. 

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Clifftop fairy taleĀ  Green into endless blue

Our lush tropic gardens are dotted with curiosities to pique your interest. It’s a recapturing of uninhibited childhood imagination.  And for reflective moments, recline upon our trim lawn—a grass infinity pool vanishing into ocean. See for yourself.

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Bringing your dog on a Cornish adventure only adds to the enjoyment. There’s plenty of countryside for them to explore and waves to bark at. We’ve lots of dog friendly rooms for you to choose from. Check our rooms and suites page. 

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Our country house in the shade of grand pines is a place of intrigue, indulgence, and genuine moments of feeling far away from the typical.  Come and lose yourself in the visual poetry and natural romance of Cornwall. 


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Our plush rooms are created for beauty sleep and blissful relaxation. 

With an open window, drift off to a salt-breeze swishing the trees and awake to a pale sun rising over the deep. Wander down for breakfast at your leisure and begin a day in Eden. 

At Talland Bay we’re more than waiting staff, we’re curators. Anything you need, simply ask. Our passion is setting the stage for your romantic adventure. 

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