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What it means to be part of the Talland Bay family

A year into the job as General Manager at Talland Bay Hotel and as he approaches a new role as first-time dad, Jack Ashby-Wright shares his thoughts on what it means to be part of the Talland Bay family…


Common purpose

“It’s really important that everyone who works here is invested in a common purpose and considers themselves part of one big family,” he says. “From the kitchen team to housekeeping and front of house, it reflects in everything we do.

“It’s what makes us different. And translates into the welcome that guests receive, as they should feel part of the family too”

Anyone who has visited or stayed at the hotel will recognise this sentiment. There’s something akin to coming home whenever you arrive at the modest, whitewashed property.


Real empathy

This isn’t just about the initial welcome and inviting reception areas however “Guests get to know members of staff and look forward to seeing them. We have some big, memorable characters. That’s one of the things people love about coming here and why they return.”

As with any family, there are sometimes disagreements. And a whole lot of support. There’s also real empathy, with each member of staff taking time to understand the needs of each guest, and doing their utmost to ensure everyone is made to feel special.

For Jack, this recently translated into helping turn around a disastrous start to a honeymoon for a couple of newlyweds. Having been married for less than a year himself Jack was immediately touched when the pair had to abandon another hotel due to burst pipes in their suite, extending a free night’s stay to them when they called Talland Bay Hotel for last-minute availability.


Home from home

The home from home feel runs through everything the hotel team does. “We’re looking at a few refinements to the restaurant and menu to further enhance this,” says Jack.

Plans are afoot to simplify the dining experience. “This doesn’t have to mean forgoing any of the quality our guests have come to expect. But we want to share that feeling of coming home to your family.”

The youthful GM is exceptionally proud of the team around him and reluctant to take the credit for the hotel’s continued success – which this autumn sees them ranking amongst the finalists in the Cornwall Tourism Awards for the ninth consecutive year.

“So many businesses make the mistake of prioritising the need to make money above all else,” he concludes. “Yes, we’re in business to make money but that’s for me to worry about. Guests come first and they should see Talland Bay as somewhere to come, enjoy and be looked after. A spiritual home if you will.”