Talland Bay lobster
Help is at hand with our favourite recipe
Grilled Lobster, Garlic Butter & Summer Salad

Lobster season is upon us and for those of you daunted by how to cook and prepare this tasty crustacean help is at hand with our favourite recipe. Of course, the best way to enjoy freshly caught lobster is overlooking the ocean in the Talland Bay Hotel gardens, served with a chilled glass of wine 😉


1x Whole lobster (800g) – put in fridge to send to sleep
1x Block of butter
2 Tbsp parsley 
4x Cloves of garlic
1x Lemon
Salt & pepper
Olive oil
White wine vinegar

200g Rocket
200g Watercress
2x Radish
½ Endive
2 Tbsp oregarno
1 Orange (segmented)

Step 1.
Bring a pot of salted water to boil, wait for it to roll. 
Set the lobster onto a secure chopping board, push a large knife straight into the cross on the head & back. 
Bring the knife down through its head & put straight into the boiling water. 
Boil for 6 minutes.

Step 2. 
Whilst the lobster is boiling, make your garlic butter. 
Soften the butter until workable. 
Crush your garlic, fine chop your parsley & mix together. 

Step 4. 
Salad. Mix your greens, add sliced radish, chopped endive, orange segments & herbs. 
Keep olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt & pepper to hand.
Do not dress the salad until ready to eat or it will go limp & soggy.

Step 5.
Pull out your lobster, leave it to cool so you can handle it. 
Once cooled, take your knife and cut the other way to before separating into two halves.
Snap off the front claws & put to the side. You will want a paper towel to mop up the liquid. 
We always wash our lobsters to remove any unwanted bits... Run the half lobster under a cold tap & remove the top of the meat which runs into the head. It will be discoloured. 
You can take out the tail meat & give it a rinse too. Put the meat back into the lobster shell. 
Carefully crack the claws with the back of your knife. You should be able to split the claw in half & remove the meat from inside. Use a kebab stick to help remove the meat. 

Step 6.
Plate up the lobster onto a heatable tray. 
We usually grill to heat through but can be done in the oven for 5 minutes. 
Add your garlic butter, dress the salad and enjoy.
Bon appetite!  

We always reccommend rosé with our lobsters and serve with a bottle of our Letargo Rioja Rosé from Calificada.