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A taste of Talland Bay: Recipes to recreate at home

We may not be able to welcome you to Talland Bay Hotel right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a few Talland treats. Here are two recipes the team have been working on at home…let us know how you get on recreating them.

Nick’s do try this at home dessert: Apple & Elderflower Snow

Head Chef Nick Hawke has adapted a family recipe for home bakers.

“This recipe was one of the first I made with my grandmother Nanny Babb, who was a huge influence on my life,” he says. “I’ve changed the recipe a little and added elderflower which has just started to grow and can be foraged from our hedgerows.”



Apple and Elderflower snow

600g Bramley apples

100g caster sugar

50 ml elderflower cordial

Zest and juice of 1 lemon

2 egg whites

150 ml double cream

50g Greek yoghurt

Almond crumble

50g butter

50g caster sugar

50g nibbed or ground almonds

50g plain flour

Caramel poached apple

2 x Braeburn apples

100g sugar

100ml water

1 x vanilla pod

Zest of 1 lemon



Apple and Elderflower snow

  • Firstly peel, core and chop the Bramley apples.

  • Stew the apples, elderflower cordial, lemon zest, juice and 50g of the sugar in a saucepan until apples have broken down and any excess liquid in the saucepan has evaporated. (Blend apples if you want a smoother finish to the snow)

  • Then set aside to cool.

  • Once the apple puree has cooled you can then start the meringue and whipped cream to finish the snow.

  • Firstly, whisk the egg whites to soft peak then gradually add the other 50g sugar whilst whisking to a stiff meringue.

  • Then fold the meringue into the apple puree.

  • Next whisk the double cream to a soft peak and fold into the apple meringue along with the Greek yoghurt.

  • Once finished transfer the snow into your serving glasses.

Caramel Poached apple

  • Firstly, put the sugar in a saucepan and place on a medium heat and cook to a dark golden caramel.

  • Then add the water, vanilla, lemon zest and bring to a simmer on a low heat.

  • Next, peel and chop the Braeburn apple to a 1cm dice.

  • Add the apple to the caramel poaching liquor and simmer for 5 minutes then take off the heat and leave to cool.

Almond crumble

  • Turn on oven and preheat to 170 C.

  • Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix to a dry dough then spread thinly on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

  • Remove from the oven and give the crumble a good mix up and return to the oven for another five minutes.

  • Once finished remove from the oven and leave to cool.

To finish the apple and elderflower snow, place the crumble and poached apple on top of the snow.


Kyra’s lockdown cocktail: The Talland Bay Gift

Asked for inspiration for a lockdown cocktail, Duty Manager Kyra Varney has concocted the following fruity number. Perfect for sunny days.



1x Orange ice-lolly

1x passion fruit

50ml plain vodka

125ml Prosecco

Ginger beer


Put half the orange ice-lolly and half the passion fruit in a shaker and put the other halves of each to the side. Add 50ml of vodka and shake well.

Once shaken pour the mixture into a medium-sized glass of choice. Add the other half of the ice-lolly to the glass and pour over the Prosecco. Top with the ginger beer and garnish with the other half of passion fruit.

Kyra’s notes:

The ice-lolly replaces the ice, which is hard to get hold of, and adds to the flavour of the drink whilst not watering it down.